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Good Times & Memories - September 2009

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September 2009 Cattle Drive May 23rd - 30th

I arrived a city slicker from Chicago and returned the same - but with a renewed awe and admiration for all those who live this life here in Montana (and all those settlers before). The Cattle Drive was awesome, a tad bit smelly and dusty (and then there were the animals too) but loved every minute of it! My thanks to all my fellow adventurers for all their assistance and good wishes - And a HUGE thanks to all the staff who made this truly an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Ted, Ginger, Dave, Jenica, Heath and all the others whose name escape me at this moment. (Oh yeah- Stevie wear ear plugs on the range please!) All of you made this week so wonderful and I hope to see you next year! And a special thanks to Ted, English Jo, Ginger, Jess & Justin for always going the extra mile. Sue - Chicago

Wow! All the way from Toronto, Canada to the Bar W. What an experience. This has been by far one of the best vacations ever. The Cattle Drive was really one to write home about! The city girl in me certainly fell asleep for a few days! I rode Cub and he was the greatest! He'd hold back when told but always gave me a little more with a slight nudge at his sides. Can't thank you all enough! We'll be back! Elena (AKA Cinderella) - Canada

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