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Bar W - Cattle Drive

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Good Times & Memories - Fall 2013

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Cattle Drive Fall 2013

"Will miss everyone! Such a special place. Can't wait to come back." Melissa - Chesapeake, VA

"What a great time we had here - the staff and horses were wonderful. Thank you for taking us to the reservation and herd the cows. Best wishes" Nan, Kathy, & Bethann - Leesburg, VA & Norco, CA

"You all were so amazing Thank you for another fantastic vacation - my heart will forever remain here! The food was fantastic and housekeeping kept things in great shape. Every one of the wranglers were the funniest group ever." Melissa - Chesapeake, VA

"Our 2nd time back, this time for the cattle drive. We were both very happy with our horses. Once again a life changing event, time to meditate over my life and what I want to accomplish in the future. Beautiful scenery. Brought the cattle in, sorted, roped, inoculated, & castrated. Didn't think I would want to get down and dirty with the calves but I did and it was a full body workout and very invigorating! My body is covered in bruises but how awesome! We went on the Eureka ride when we returned which was beautiful. Another wonderfully enriching week at the Bar W! Wonderful new friends from all over the world."  Rita & Veronica - Seattle, WA

"Tons of fun! Love loping and going to the reservation! Awesome group of people and the staff is great! Best vacation ever!!" Katherine & Michael - Charlotte, NC

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