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Good Times & Memories - May/June 2009

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Cowgirl Up - May 31st - June 6th

My dream definitely came true. I was able to see Montana on horseback. The trail rides were wonderful. The weather could not have been better and everyone was great. This is a vacation I will never forget. Lynda Parker - Dallas, Tex

Our week at Cowgirl Up was the perfect vacation for us! We rode horses every day, enjoyed the mountains and valleys, scenery and our beautiful home away from home, "THE LODGE". Wonderful staff, 2nd to none and a warm and welcoming friendly atmosphere ALL THE TIME. Can't compliment you enough on your vacation Ranch. We loved Lucky and Blaze, our partners. Donna and Sandy

This was the best ranch vacation. Polite and smiling staff, horses to fit anyone's riding ability, peaceful. Plus, I saw 3 rodeos in 2wks. Browsing at the Indian Made Things store after a ride was wonderful too - a bonus. Please see to it that Rusty gets a little bit more loving because he wouldn't eat sugar cubes and apples. I'll always remember the fantastic scenery here. Eileen C. Wolf Milwaukee, WI

For half an hour I was trying to figure out how to express my feelings on this page. There is so much I would like to say, but just like this week, I'm overwhelmed. Thank you all for welcoming me into your big Bar W family! Thank you for giving me the experience of a "Beach Vacation in Montana"! Thank you all for the good memories to take home! Barbara


Let Montana Surround You!

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