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Good Times & Memories - May/June 2010

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Cowgirl Up - May 30th - June 6th

Exactly what I was hoping for plus much more. The trail rides were great. The half day trail ride was rocky, lots of trees and learning how to avoid branches, steep hills, and lots of terrain. The trails were narrower so I was able to practice my neck reining techniques. But the full day ride was even better! The trails were open and there was a lot of opportunity to spread out, trot and veer off a little from the pack! Loping was the best part of the trail rides. My objective for this vacation was to build confidence riding horses, spend time with my 2 best friends while being active. I'm happy to say that I accomplished all 3! Now I know there are good horses out there that will do what I want! The barrel racing, pole bending and cow sorting were just icing on the cake. Before we arrived here I thought we would have some spare time to go bike riding or hiking but we ended up staying busy with fun activities through the whole trip and if we didn't want to do what everyone else did they would find something else for us (if we asked and they had the man power). Awesome! The staff has been very patient friendly and accommodating. Can a group of 16 women ask for anything more? Like all the previous visitors have written, "the staff is incredible." Can we bottle them up and take them back to our jobs? I will definitely have to come back with my family very soon. Alma- Little Elm, Texas

A city girl became a cowgirl for a week. I decided to do this with some friends and to do something I normally would have never done. I completely went out of my comfort zone but I loved every minute of it. We had organized days/trips but the staff was very accommodating. If you wanted to do something different or eat something different it was totally ok. Fantastic!!! I never thought I would love it all this much. I knew I would have a great time with my friends no matter what, but spending time in the mountains, on the horses, going dancing at the Blue Moon, skeet shooting, roping, cow cutting, and I can go on, were so amazing and an absolute learning experience. It opened my eyes and is something I can definitely take back with me to my city life. Life is too short and trying something new is a wonderful experience. I have traveled the world, stayed at fancy hotels, ate at 4-star restaurants but this trip by far exceeded all my expectations. I met some great ladies and the staff was amazing. They all make you feel at home, are always there to help, make everything comfortable, they will never force you to do anything you are not comfortable with and they are friendly with great hospitality. Loved it, loved it, loved it! I would stay another week if I could but instead I will definitely come back again sometime in the very near future. Special thanks to: Ted, Andrew, Bobby, Josh, Lindsay, Chris, Basil, Ashley, Kate, Dave, Brittany, Stephanie, Liz and of course Cayuse. June- Texas

Loved the Cowgirl Up week! Loved my divorce trip with 2 amazing friends. I think in one week I fell in love again... with my horse, Rounder, - what were you thinking? The real cowboys and cowgirls (staff) were fun and I will return to Michigan with many, many beautiful memory pictures that I will share for many years to come. Thank you all for being a wonderful start to my chance for a "do-over" in real life by playing a cowgirl in your real lives. Loved our rodeo and the real one too. The other women on this May-June Cowgirl Up were strength for the journey, and I feel blessed to have been here for a full week of discovery about horses, your gorgeous state and the diverse, strong women to dance and dine with. It's especially great to discover ME again. Maybe I can come back some day and be a mother-daughter team. Annette- Michigan

Cowgirl Up week is fabulous- I improved my riding, finally learned how to lope and have more confidence than ever! Loved Jelly Bean- he was a little spunky, loved to stop and eat but overall he was great at cutting, barrel racing and pole bending. Views from rides on trail were fabulous. Staff was terrific, but most of all the gals I met were terrific. Stayed up till 2:00 a.m. this morning and said goodbye- sadly! Thanks to all of you- Ted you're the best! Mary- Boston

Had a great time here at your ranch. My daughter and I were here celebrating her graduation from college and had a wonderful time. Loved being spoiled by all the ranch hands, everyone was so very nice and made us feel very special. The food was great, enjoyed all of it! The horse rides into the mountains were so beautiful and we had the best fun sorting the cattle and participating in the rodeo. Would recommend your ranch to everyone! Thanks! Patty & Rebecca- Indiana

After a "girls week" in Colorado last year, my friend and I decided to do it again this year only where different. Bar W far surpassed our expectations and our Colorado trip! The horses, riding, caring staff and wranglers were all fantastic- and fun! It felt like a big family for the week. Great food, Basil & Ted. Thank you Andrew for the fun time on the horses. Thank you everyone for a memorable week. Nancy- Lutz (Tampa), Florida

Our mother/daughter cowgirl vacation was everything we had hoped for plus some! Our wranglers- Josh, Andrew and Lindsay were so much more than we expected. We learned so much while having way too much fun. Who knew sorting cows would be addictive! And we knew Christy would learn to lope, but so happy when Sherry was able to get the hang of it also. The most unexpected for both of us was the staff. Truly amazing how friendly, warm and fun everyone was. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sherry & Christy- Phoenix, Arizona


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