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Good Times & Memories - October 2011

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October 2011 cowgirl-up!

The Cowgirl Up week has been FABULOUS! Met some wonderful guests, and the staff has been outstanding! We surpassed the fun barriers for sure! Loved riding Ike, he takes life at a slower pace and likes to snack along the way. I believe he's savoring life. Thanks to everyone for the great time and remarkable vacation!

This week has been amazing - awesome group of cowgirls! Can't wait for the next Cowgirl Up adventure! Thanks to all who made it such a wonderful week! Colette, MS

Great week Loved Montana, the staff was great. Loved my horse "Blue Duck", what a good boy. Enjoyed all the trail rides, good food, nice room. Have a good winter. Judy, MN

Cowgirl Up week was the best gift I have ever given myself! Every day was better than the one before. So much fun, such a beautiful place, and such great people. Already planning the Cattle Drive! The best vacation I have ever had. Thanks to all the staff. Deirdre, MI

Cowgirl Up was a blast. Love it and the friendships made will last a lifetime. Will be back! Stacy, KY

Thank you for a relaxing week in Montana. The horses were beautiful and the staff was so easy to be around. I hope someone continues to give Sierra peppermints in my absence! Rachel, IL


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