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Good Times & Memories - September 2009

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SEPTEMBER 2009 Cowgirl-up! - September 27th to october 3rd 2009

The Michigan cowgirls came for a week to celebrate our big 50th birthday! We had a great time riding, lots of food, and a very helpful staff. Nice weather, all day ride was the best x 2. Tracy, De, Mary, & Heide - MI

Awesome, awesome and let me say it again AWESOME!! We had the time of our life. Ted and the gang went out of their way to make us feel at home. Riding was great, food was great, and service was unbelievable. We will miss everyone at the ranch and will be back next year. Get ready to be spoiled. Amy Keene, NJ & Nancy Bolte - PA

Awesome - I did not want to come last year and almost cancelled this year but this is the best place I have been in years! Something a Texas girl has never done. The staff is soooo cute- when did they make cowgirls sooo cute? I love you all and hope to be back. Cindy - TX

This is my second visit to the Bar W and my first Cowgirl Up experience. In life we are taught never to go back as it may not live up to our memories, however, coming back here has broken that myth! This trip has afforded me time with friends, old and new, fabulous riding thanks to Buster and as expected professional and knowledgeable staff whom have been a pleasure to interact with. We will be back!!! Thank you to everyone at Bar W! Pauline - Scotland, UK

Well, here it is, time to return home tomorrow and it seems like we just arrived yesterday. Oh how I love this place! The beautiful scenery, my horse "Skittles," the great women who come from all over the USA (and of course my friend Pauline from Scotland!) What an awesome group! Thank you all for making "my week from reality" so very very special! I hope to return to make some more wonderful memories! Have a healthy, peaceful fun year! Trisha - Corpus Christi - TX

After our wonderful tour of Glacier Park with Sue (Cowgirl up 2008) the anticipation of our return to the Bar W for Cowgirl Up was full of excitement. As we drove down the entry road to the front of the house, we got out, ran, flung open the door and shouted, "Hi we're home!" That says it all. There is comfort in returning to a place you have been before. We all have a lot going on in our lives. We come together with unconditional friendship to renew our hearts and souls, challenge ourselves, and reflect on where we are in life in the peaceful surroundings of the mountains and fresh air. As always, thank you for the generous hospitality. Everyone does their part to make our experiences with you so special. All of your efforts mean a great deal. Ya'll are the best! Until we meet again. P.S. Cash was awesome! What a ride! Jane - Corpus Christi - TX

Best week of my life. So much beauty here on and in the ranch. Horses, wranglers, kitchen staff and Ted, Brian, Kity, all tremendous souls. Montana is a special place at the Bar W. Special thanks to Cub for taking such good care of me on all the rides and all the rodeo patterns. What a great & gentle horse. The Canadian/USA border and the lake/beach worth the price of admission. Deb - Lakehills, TX

I'm sad I have to leave today and go back to reality. Being out here on horses and incredibly accommodating staff was a much needed break. Great peaceful room and great food was bonus!! I hope to be back sooner than later. Madison - Washington D.C.

"So she sat on, with closed eyes, and half believed herself in Wonderland, though she knew she had but to open them again and all would change to dull reality." - Alice in Wonderland- Thank you to all the staff and animals. Especially to Cody, Archie, Comanchee. Swenja, Iris & Veronica - Germany


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