Bar W Guest Ranch Montana

Bar W Sleigh Rides

Enjoy the Magic!

As the colors of fall fade and the solace of winter begins to cover the Valley it's time to put away the wagon and ready the sleigh!

Bar W sleigh rides take you back to a simpler time...a time for family and friends...a time to relax and let the beauty that surrounds you soothe your soul. Our Cowboys expertly work Duke and Dutch through the timbers and open fields so you can bask in the beauty that we call Montana.


Sleigh Rides Only
Includes 45 minute sleigh ride & hot beverage
Per Person                                       
$  55.00
Children 3 & under    FREE

Reservations - 406-863-9099   We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule!             

We don't serve alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own, or we can arrange to have it catered for you.