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fun and adventure

Are you looking for something to do this summer? The Bar W Guest Ranch is a great place to spend time working as well as enjoying the outdoors.  Are you hard-working, outgoing, fun-loving person with a sense of adventure?  The Bar W is a family ranch with activities for guests of all ages.  As a small Montana ranch with about 35 guests per week, we make it a point to make everyone feel special.  If you love horses and people, or just the outdoors, we just might have a seasonal home for you! 

Located in the beautiful Flathead Valley on Spencer Lake in NW Montana, the Bar W is just 25 miles from Glacier National Park.  We are 3.5 miles away from the vibrant resort town of Whitefish.

about bar w guest ranch

At the Bar W, we believe that a well-run dude ranch is hospitality at its very finest. Our number one goal is to provide not only our guests but our staff with the best possible experience of their lives. Our staff is our number one resource.  Each year we hire for both seasonal and year-round positions.

Working on a dude ranch is not like any other job. The work is hard and the hours are long. But this is the one job that will become part of you for the rest of your life. You will make lifelong friendships with both staff and guests, as well as learn skills and a work ethic that will stay with you wherever you go.

ideal candidate

Regardless of the position you are hired for, we are looking for people who are willing to help wherever needed. This is a people-oriented business, and we are looking for staff with excellent communication skills and outgoing personalities. It is also important that everyone be a team player.

Check out this short promotional video to learn more about our ranch and what we offer our guests.

The Employee experience

Working at the ranch is more than just a job, you’re truly part of something remarkable. The Bar W is a family-owned, operated, and oriented atmosphere which applies not only to our guests but to our team as well. Many of our employees come to the ranch as an opportunity to step out on their own while being in a safe, fun, and fulfilling atmosphere. We provide the opportunity for you to gain independence, confidence, and experiences you’ll take with you the rest of your life.

We hire employees from all over the U.S. which creates a diverse and vibrant team. Our staff forms lifelong friendships and become a part of our Bar W family. Right on the property, the staff has access to Spencer Lake, 3,000 acres of state forest, stocked trout pond for fishing, mountain biking, and hiking. Glacier National Park is 25 miles away and offers boundless recreational opportunities including whitewater rafting, and over 700 miles of hiking.

We guarantee that you’ll work hard, have fun, and you’ll always remember the season you spent at the Bar W.

Click here to read our three guiding principles that define our culture and we consider our “cowboy code.” We assure you, that while creating life long memories for the guests, you will also be creating them for yourself.

Watch a video showcasing our team’s experience working at the ranch

Positions Available:

We are currently hiring for:

  • Wranglers 2019 Season (seasonal)
  • Office Manager (year-round, full time)
  • Maintenance 2019 Season (year-round or seasonal)
  • Lodge Staff 2019 Season (seasonal)

We are currently accepting employment applications for the 2019 season (May through October).  Our hiring managers will review applications in late December/January and make hiring decisions for the upcoming season no later than the end of March. We will reach out to applicants to schedule interviews


Seasonal Wranglers are responsible for the day to day care of the corral, tack and horses. Wrangler’s first priority is the safety of the guest & horses. Wrangler must adhere to the horse program put in place by the Bar W while under the direction of the Head Wrangler.

Although hired as a Wrangler, employees must also be willing to do all jobs asked of them.

The season normally starts May 1st and ends October 1st. Preference will be given to Wranglers that are available for the entire season but students are encouraged to apply.

Wrangler duties include but not limited to:

grooming feeding and saddling horses
conduct safe and fun rides for the guests
ability to be in control of your ride and stay alert for any safety issues
help with evening activities
maintain fence and corrals
stack hay
operate a tractor to feed
inspect and hook up truck and trailer
must be a confident rider
must be able to communicate to guest how to ride, and have the fortitude to enforce it.
have a working knowledge of horses, tack, and ranch work
ability to engage the guest in conversation both on the trail and at the ranch
ability to put in long hours all season
valid drivers license
ability to lift 75 lbs repeatedly
As a wrangler, you are interacting with the guest often and must be able to think on your feet and keep the guest happy without violating Bar W rules and regulations.  All employees are required to have current basic first aid and CPR from the Red Cross before arriving at the ranch.

office coordinator/manager

Overall and consistent with all management personnel policies and responsibilities, your role blends several functions and interactions with multiple departments within the Bar W.  While the office environment has many tasks and responsibilities that are indigenous to its own operating area, it must also interface with the different departments to ensure that the overall operations of the administration of the Bar W continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the administration, organization, and coordination of all office systems entailing: office supplies, internal computer equipment, telephone services, internet connections, voice mail, and e-mail; working with the Managing Partner and General Manager on organizational activities and specialized assignments; working with the accounting department on reporting; assisting Managing Partner General Manager on issues regarding the recruitment and introduction of new employees, record keeping, and insurances; coordinating office related activities such as staff meetings and management meetings, working within a team environment to determine the essential strategies for the ranch; and to assist in projects and assignments that will foster continued growth of all our endeavors..

Being a responsible, dedicated role model to the guests and staff; providing organized, punctual and intentional leadership, creativity, direction and supervision during activities, trips and around the ranch and in the Lodge; taking ownership for your personal attitude, behavior and knowledge building; working with other staff members to provide a quality experience for all guests; and adjusting one’s personal habits to the philosophy, policies and ideals of the ranch.

 Specific Short-Term Responsibilities Include:

  1. Learn Bar W services & guest package offerings
  2. Meet with all office personnel and learn specific responsibilities
  3. Learn the different office systems and begin coordination of vendors and installations
  4. Complete the required reading of ranch information
  5. Work with the Managing Partner and General Manager to organize office and filing systems and special assignments
  6. Assist with the office related organization
  7. Attend staff meetings, record and distribute minutes and records
  8. Answer phones
  9. Other duties as assigned

 Long Term Responsibilities Include:

Specific Long Term Responsibilities Include:

  1. Continue working with the Managing Partner and General Manager on organizational and special assignments
  2. Overseeing the efforts of purchasing office supplies, equipment, and services
  3. Overseeing the coordination of office equipment, software, and equipment vendors
  4. Overseeing the organization and facilitation of office filing systems and libraries
  5. Working with General Manager to recruit and welcome new employees and set up records and paperwork.
  6. Working with accounting on recording and filing of receipts, invoices, checks, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  7. Working with Department Managers to assist with staffing peak periods of work with temporary help
  8. Overseeing the coordination of office and department communications
  9. UPS, Fed-ex, US Postal Service, coordination, and distribution
  10. Facilitation of vehicle registration, and record keeping.
  11. Oversee the facilitation of keeping important documentation off-site
  12. Payroll
  13. Processing employee tips

Additional Activities

  1. Work at least one night per week to oversee nighttime activities (seasonal)
  2. Work with sales to respond to inquiries
  3. Work with marketing to mail inquiry responses
  4. Pick up Guests
  5. Drive Guests
  6. Answer Phones
  7. Assist guests checking in and out
  8. Potentially attend community meetings
  9. Set appointments for General Manager/Managing Partner

Office Responsibilities (Assisting)

  • Order lodge amenities
  • Order guest goody items
  • Office administration activities (banking, tip distribution, etc)
  • Order merchandise for guest gift shop


  • Successful completion of Bar W Service Offerings
  • Successful completion of RezStream reservation system
  • You are required to have current first aid and CPR Red Cross certification. This is at your expense.


General Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Maintenance Manager, maintenance staff are responsible for the day to day care, organization, and cleanliness of the vehicles, grounds, shop, all buildings and structures and systems.  All employees must adhere to the Operations Document. Each staff member is a “Safety Manager” consistently operating and acting with safety as the first priority.

Being a responsible, dedicated role model to the guests and staff; providing organized, punctual and intentional leadership, creativity, direction and supervision during activities, trips and around the ranch; taking ownership for your personal attitude, behavior and knowledge building; working with other staff members to provide a quality experience for all guests; and adjusting one’s personal habits to the philosophy, policies and ideals of the ranch including a comprehensive understanding of and respect for our time-off/alcohol policies and procedures.

Specific Responsibilities

Although hired as maintenance staff, persons must be willing to do all jobs asked of them – which may include but not limited to housekeeping, assisting the Wranglers with Livestock and guests, taking guests to town, picking guests up from the airport and whatever else needs to be done on the ranch.

Ranch Hand/Maintenance duties include but are not limited to:

  • Learn what we do, why we do it that way, and do it that way
  • Lawn care, mowing, trimming and watering.
  • Fence repair and maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Carpentry, both building and repair work
  • Plumbing repair and maintenance
  • Sprinkler system operation, repair and maintenance
  • Operating tractor to move materials, cut brush and level terrain
  • Helping with evening activities including square dancing
  • Maintaining fence and corrals
  • Stacking up to 40 ton of hay a week
  • Hooking up, inspecting and driving a truck and trailer
  • Other duties as assigned

Personal Requirements

  • Be able to engage guest in conversation both at meal times and around the Ranch
  • Be able at times, to put in long hours,(6am to 9pm)
  • Have good communication skills
  • Ability to handle objects weighing up to 200 pounds
  • Ability to stoop, bend, squat, twist, reach repeatedly without restriction
  • Ability to lift up to 100 pounds repeatedly
  • Being flexible in response to current and emergency situations and to shifts in responsibilities and assignments when camp is underway
  • Problem solving skills
  • Can “do” attitude
  • Be a team player
  • Ride for the “Brand”