Five Reasons a Dude Ranch Vacation is a Family Summer Camp

Family Summer Camp

new family memories await

Remember as a youth when you had 3 months of summer vacation to enjoy life’s simple pleasures? Summer is a magical time as a child, spent splashing in your local pool, hosting a lemonade stand, and riding bikes with friends. At the appropriate age your parents may have suggested that you spend some of that precious time at summer camp. Maybe attending summer camp wasn’t part of your youth but you remain curious about what that experience would have looked like. Chances are your vision of summer camp is set in a wooded location, supervised by counselors, and showcases diverse offerings intended to expand your horizon while building formative friendships.

Whether you’re looking to relive your adolescent summer camp experience or embrace it as a new concept consider a dude ranch vacation. Here are 5 reasons why a dude ranch vacation is a family summer camp.

1) Wranglers are the original camp counselors

Am I right…or am I right? These cowboys and cowgirls are true professionals. They expertly navigate miles of trails on horseback, while engaging in conversation with guests and simultaneously keeping a keen eye on their surroundings with safety always in the forefront of their minds. Plus, if you get outta line…they just hog tie you in 10 seconds flat (only kidding).

2) Listen for the bell

Nothing builds a healthy appetite quite like the combination of fresh air and recreation. We take meal time seriously and prepare three hearty meals per day. Guests can listen for the familiar sound of a bell ringing coming from the main lodge. The bell is rung 15 minutes prior to meal time to give everyone ample time to wash up. The bell is rung a second time to signify it’s time to c’mon and get it! Kids particularly enjoy taking turns being the designated bell ringer! Everyone gather’s family style over lovingly prepared meals to recap the highlights of the day’s adventure.

 3) There’s a lake and a dock

This is the quintessential family summer camp staple, and we get it right. Spencer Lake is located right on property and is the ideal swimming hole. After a long day in the saddle take a refreshing dip in our spring-fed lake. Or explore the entire lake in our row boat, kayak, paddle board or canoe or just float around in our tubes. Guests are also invited to cast a line and fish for Pike.


4) there’s a flexible schedule

We’ve had over a decade of experience working with families and we like to think we’ve perfected our offerings. Our itinerary combines the optimal amount of activity and downtime. We’ve heard time and time again how refreshing it is not to have to have to coordinate the details, organize reservations, and then bring it to a family vote. With that said, our family summer camp itinerary isn’t overbearing and it is flexible to a degree. There are even options built within the schedule to accommodate different interests and abilities.

5) you’ll grow closer to your friends and family and form new ones along the way

Family vacation

There’s no reason to get homesick because during this family summer camp vacation everyone at the ranch becomes a whole new family! Throughout the week families and friends will participate in new experiences. Some activities, at first, might seem like a stretch (think square dancing), but it doesn’t take long before guests are all smiles kicking up their heels during a “Do-si-do.” Through these shared experiences guests bond and can be heard offering cheers of support and lots of laughter. Fact is, you’re gonna be homesick for the Bar W when you get back home.

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  • John Billings

    Ranch Vacation with family is a real fun. Here we spent quality time with each other. Truly said, we eat a lot and on-time as well. Riding is also a fun in ranch vacation, Created a perfect picture.


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