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Guest Ranch Vacation Guidelines & Protocols

2022 Bar W Guest Ranch COVID-19 Policy

At this time, due to the reduction of Covid in the United States and in the state of Montana, we will not be enforcing any procedures for Covid.

This is subject to change. If Covid cases increase again in the US or in the Whitefish area, the Bar W would follow CDC guidelines and could implement any or all, of the following:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Covid testing prior to arrival
  • Temperature and O2 check upon arrival
  • Mask wearing
  • Social Distancing

Guests are always welcome to wear a mask for their own protection.

If a guest were to test positive for Covid prior to arrival, they would not be allowed to come to the ranch. If a guest were to test positive for Covid while at the ranch, they would need to isolate, IF we have accommodations to allow that or they would be asked to leave the ranch.

There is no refund on your guest package if you are unable to attend due to Covid.