Horse of the Month! Meet Baymax

In the last Newsletter we shone the spotlight on a pair of very small critters. So, for this month’s star we decided to do the exact opposite and choose one of the biggest horses on the ranch. Meet Baymax!

Weighing in at roughly 2,000 lbs. and almost 19 hands tall, Baymax is a giant. For those of you wondering, a single hand is 4 inches, and a horse is measured from the ground to the highest point of the horses’ withers, which makes Baymax a little over 6ft. tall at the shoulder. But don’t let his massive size intimidate you. Baymax is a Belgian draft horse, and like most draft horses he is a true gentle giant. He came to the ranch in February and was purchased to be a pulling partner for our other huge Belgian draft Duke. And what a pair they make!

Many people speculate that the Belgian horse is a descendant of the “Great Horse” of medieval times; those massive destriers that carried knights into battle. (If you aren’t familiar with the “Great Horse” give it a search, it has a fascinating history!) The Belgian, as the name implies, originated in the country of Belgium, where fertile soil and abundant rainfall provided the farmers with excellent pastures and the hay and grain necessary to develop a heavy, powerful breed of horse. Bred to pull and work, the Belgian has a willing and docile temperament, making them extremely popular all over the country for use with farm work, wagons, carriages, or even draft horse pulling competitions.

Our Baymax is a simple fella. He loves to eat, and he loves to pull. He will hitch up alone and pull whatever he’s hooked to; be that a wagon, cart, or a sleigh. And he’s happy to pull his share with his partner Duke when they are hooked up to the wagon together. He just wants to pull, and he won’t be outdone. Baymax’s big size and even bigger heart are what make him so well loved here at the Bar W. So the next time you visit us be sure to give this big hero some well deserved scratches, and maybe an apple, or six.

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