Horse Spotlight! Meet Yukon

Meet Yukon! This big, loveable horse came to Bar W Guest Ranch a couple of years ago, and he came all the way from Minnesota. Yukon is one of our draft horse crosses, so he’s a stout made horse with thick legs, and big hooves, oh boy! He definitely has a some of that famous draft horse temperament and is usually an easy-going fella that’s not bothered by much.

He is always happy to stand for a good grooming, which is a good thing considering he’s a grey horse and loves to get dirty! Yukon is also our resident Houdini and tends to escape any smaller pen he’s put into. But as long as he’s turned out with all his other friends, he’s content to stay inside the fence. He’s got a big appetite though, so even when he does escape, we can always find him snacking on the nearest patch of green grass at Bar W. We can’t wait for you to meet him in Montana!

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