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RODEO at the Bar W

Rodeo Riding

Weekly guests work all week to improve their rodeo skills, and enter a rodeo competition at the end of the week that pits them against each other. In a non-threatening, friendly way you can take as seriously as you want.

With several events aimed at testing your steed’s fancy footwork, you’ll see how your horsemanship measures up in a fun arena atmosphere.

Barrel Racing

This timed event tests your skills and tactics of riding as fast and as in control as possible.  Clover-leaf pattern barrel racing will have you loping across the arena with your eyes always on the next barrel.

Imagine becoming one with your horse as you race toward each barrel while maintaining a skilled dance that prevents the horse from hitting the barrel while swinging its hindquarters around almost on a full pivot.

Riders and their mounts will prepare mentally to perform physically in order to shrug off the unexpected problems that will surely rear their head during your performance. Whatever happens, expect to have the time of your life as you become empowered through the partnership you develop with your trusty steed!


Imagine the feeling you get slaloming down an alpine ski course, hurtling back and forth around the poles. The precision. The control. The speed.

Now combine all of that with a 1,000 pounds of horseflesh propelling you forward as fast as you can handle and you can start to see the appeal behind this event.

It’s fun to do and will improve your confidence and communications with your horse as you try to improve your time and beat out your friends and family.

Other Rodeo Arena Games

Each weekly group gets to try reigning with reins across several more arena-style events that will test your horsemanship and competitive nature in a non-threatening, but fully authentic atmosphere on a Montana dude ranch.

Kids love arena days as much as parents and grandparents as it gives them a chance to test their skills against their new friends and/or siblings.