Meet Cowboy Rhett


This handsome little guy is Rhett! He is the coolest kid and is Barbara Wetzel’s great nephew. Barbara is one of the owners of Bar W Guest Ranch. Barbara’s niece (Rhett’s mother), Ashley is currently a Reservation Agent for Bar W Guest Ranch – some of you have probably chatted with her on the phone.

Rhett is four years old and absolutely loves being a cowboy! He has an older brother Ryker, 6, and a little sister Kennedy, 3, and they are both equally cute!

The beginning of last season, Barbara had over 20 family members come stay at the ranch with us, it was an incredible experience and such a blessing. All the kiddos loved the ranch, but no one loved the ranch more than Rhett – can you tell from the photos!

When Rhett outgrew his old pair of Toy Story cowboy boots, he asked his mom if they could get his new pair (looking exactly as the old pair) branded by the Bar W. Barbara was home in Ohio visiting her dad, Grandpa Jack, so she brought Rhett’s Toy Story cowboy boots back to Bar W. Rhett gave very specific instructions that Cowboy Joe had to brand them. Rhett has also made it clear that when Cowboy Joe retires, he wants to be the next “Cowboy Joe”. We’re not sure if he will be Cowboy Rhett or if he will change his name to Joe?

Check out Rett’s cowboy boots and watch them being branded by Cowboy Joe!


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  • Gary Cramer

    From a friend of the family, He is truly special as are he brother and sister! I hope some day he can become a real Cowboy!!


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