Meet Our New Horse Sugar

As the last month of winter unfolds, we wanted to introduce a new horse that comes with a bit of a surprise. Meet Sugar, a young Arabian Paint cross mare, who is as sweet as her name and has quite the story to tell.

The ranch purchased Sugar from a cattle ranch in Valier, MT. The same ranch in fact, where we run our Cattle Drive weeks. With her flashy coloring, Sugar tends to catch the eye, and our wranglers that went on the fall cattle drive couldn’t help but notice the little dun paint, and how steadily and safely she carried her rider out on the range. So when we found out that Sugar was being offered for sale, we knew she would be a great addition to our program and made the necessary arrangements to bring her to the ranch early in November. She has since then spent the winter months occasionally carrying some of our winter wranglers down the snowy trails, and generally charming everyone that spends anytime with her.

Over the last month or so, especially in the past few weeks, we noticed that our sweet Sugar seemed to be putting on a more weight than normal, especially in her belly area. Normally this isn’t a huge source of alarm, as its common for horses to put on a little winter weight, but we also knew that there was a chance Sugar may have gotten to spend some unsupervised time around a stallion or two at the cattle ranch. We like to be prepared for anything here at the ranch, so we decided to haul Sugar to our vet clinic and have her examined. Just in case.

As you’ve no doubt guessed by this point, and maybe even crossed your fingers, Sugar is pregnant! 9 months pregnant in fact. Which means, unbeknownst to us, we already had a foal on the way when we decided to purchase Sugar. We are so excited about this surprise here at the ranch and know that we know we have a foal on the way we are taking extra special care of Sugar. Being as we don’t know for sure which stallion is the father, the foal is going to a double surprise for us. The first was finding out about it, and the second will be what color the foal is!

Sugar was all lined up to be in our riding program this spring, but now her only job is growing and raising her baby. So while you won’t get to ride Sugar when you come to visit us, you will get to see her and meet the little one that will be born right here on the ranch sometime around the end of March or early April. We’ve already started taking bets on if we’ll get a little filly or a little colt!

2 comments on “Meet Our New Horse Sugar

  • Susan Parlagreco

    Such a sweet story. Sugar sounds like a very sweet horse to ride as I haven’t been on a horse for years! Looking forward to hearing more about Sugar. Warmly. Susan

    • Jessica Wetzel

      Hi Susan! Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to sharing more about Sugar and we cannot wait for the baby to be born. Take care!


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