Sven & Olaf at the Bar W Guest Ranch

In the spirit of April Fool’s, this month’s ‘Horse of the Month’ isn’t a horse at all, but a pair of goats instead. We decided that two of our most well-loved critters here at the Bar W needed some much-deserved time in the spotlight.

Sven (left) and Olaf (right), and yes, we did name them after a talking snowman and an adorable reindeer, have been with the ranch for a couple of years now. The two brothers are a mixed breed of goat, half mini-Alpine and half Nigerian Dwarf, but are a whole lot of cute. We got them as kids, which is the term for a baby or adolescent goat not yet an adult. They still needed bottles, so the kids (human ones this time) that came to the ranch that summer got to learn how to care for and feed baby goats, which involved a lot of bouncing around and snuggling, from both types of kids this time.

Now that Olaf and Sven are adults, they happily live in the Cowpoke Corner with our ponies and chickens. The goats are always a big hit each season, and you won’t find a friendlier pair of animals. Olaf is the more outgoing brother, always curious about new people and things, he’s also more likely to try to chew on your clothing! Sven is much more laid-back and relaxed, but he loves a good scratch session. Olaf and Sven’s favorite activities include napping in a patch of sunshine, climbing onto the roof of their shelter, and frolicking anytime they’re let out of the pen. They are always ready to make new friends, especially if those new friends bring them some fresh picked grass for a treat!

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