Western cattle drive

Join us for a beautiful riding vacation, an adventurous cattle round up, and a time filled with lasting memories.

We’ll begin at the Ranch with horsemanship lessons, working with cattle, getting your seat and making sure you and your horse are a match. Then, we’ll head out for four days and three nights to our base camp located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. You’ll ride as far as the eye can see over thousands of acres of Indian Territory. You’ll gather cattle, driving them over the open prairie and to the corrals to brand calves and care for the herd. You’ll feel like a real cowhand riding out long horns, cows, bulls, and possibly even bucking horses.

After returning to the Ranch from the cattle drive, relax in the hot tub or by the fire, then enjoy a homemade dinner you will not forget. The next day, adventure to the Canadian border for one last all-day ride and enjoy the lush, open meadows of Swisher Lake.

Package includes

  • Full accommodations, including meals
  • Four days of intense riding and cattle round up
  • All necessary equipment & sleeping gear for cattle drive
  • Trail riding, team penning, and horsemanship instruction
  • Campfires, cowboy stories, and tall tales

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”  – Will Rogers

Per Person RatesAppaloosaTamarackSolitudeWhitetailSunroomAspen
Single Occupancy$2,860.00$2,965.00$3,385.00$3,385.00$3,910.00$4,155.00
Double Occupancy*$2,510.00$2,562.50$2,772.50$2,772.50$3,035.00$3,157.50
Triple Occupancy*N/AN/A$2,661.67$2,661.67$2,836.67$2,918.33
Four Person Occupancy*N/AN/A$2,606.25$2,606.25$2,737.50$2,798.75
Per Person RatesEagles NestBear Den
Single Occupancy$4,155.00$3,910.00
Double Occupancy*$3,157.50$3,035.00
Triple Occupancy*$2,918.33$2,836.67
Four Person Occupancy*$2,798.75$2,737.50

Per Person RatesGlamping
Single Occupancy$3,385.00
Double Occupancy*$2,772.50
Triple Occupancy*$2,661.67
Four Person Occupancy*$2,606.25

*Prices do not include 18% taxes and fees.
*Double, triple and four person occupancy applies to adults.
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Package Details

2019 Dates: September 21 – 28, 2019

2020 Dates: June 6-13, 2020 and September 19-26, 2020

At the Bar W, we have created a cattle drive adventure that rounds out all of the experiences of a cattle round-up. Honoring the spirit of the traditional cattle drive, we want our guests to experience the best of what a cattle drive can offer.

1. You’re invited to be part of a real special week. On Saturday, the Bar W Ranch picks you up at the airport and once settled at the Ranch we’ll have dinner and then a horse orientation.

2. On Sunday be prepared to be in the saddle all day. We’ll start by matching you up with the horse that’ll suit you best for the coming week

Horsemanship, reading cattle, sorting, penning, and possibly some roping
Trail ride
Dinner at the Ranch

3. Monday, Gathering and Moving Cattle at Horsethief Buttes

Load up the horses and head over East
Finding and gathering up all cattle
Dinner and overnight in tent camp

4. Tuesday, Gathering and Moving Cattle at Horsethief Buttes

Finding and gathering up all cattle
Dinner and overnight in tent camp

5. Wednesday, Moving the herd to camp corrals

Roping, branding, vaccinating
Dinner and overnight in tent camp

6. Thursday, Mothering-Up cattle and separating herd into pastures

All day separating and moving cattle back to respective pastures
Travel back to the Bar W Ranch

7. Friday, Riding to the Canadian Border at Swisher Lake or to the top of the Krinklehorn territory -all day. Wagon Ride and Barbecue at the Gazebo on Spencer Lake

8. Saturday departure mid morning