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This page is set up for your convenience but we highly encourage you to contact or call us at 1-406-863-9099 if you have any more questions.


frequently Asked questions

Rates & Packages

All rates on the website are per person. We provide occupancy discounts up to 4 adults. Children under the child rate do not apply towards occupancy discounts.

Any area activities off the Ranch for example: whitewater rafting, guided fly fishing, rock climbing, ziplining, spa treatments, etc. The office is more than happy to make reservations for you for any off ranch activities.

Airport transportation is available but is an additional fee.

Any merchandise purchased in the Bar W Trading Post.


Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana. The airport code is FCA.

Glacier international Airport is about a 15 mile drive from the Ranch. Our staff is happy to stop at a grocery store on the way back to the Ranch to pick up any items guests may need during their stay.

Delta connecting from Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Atlanta.

Horizon Air connecting from Seattle.

United connecting from Denver.

Allegiant Air connecting from Las Vegas.

Yes for $55 each way ($110 round trip), per vehicle or per trip to the airport. Airport transportation is available during reasonable business hours.

Guests are also welcome to hire taxis or personal shuttles.

There is daily train service to Whitefish through Amtrak. We provide free transportation to and from the train station during reasonable business hours.

We are happy to offer rides to town for guests each day. The Ranch will make 2 trips into town at 10am and 2pm. Please ask the office about the shuttle service outside the listed shuttle times.

There are multiple taxi cab services available to guests in Whitefish. The office is happy to arrange or recommend a company for you.

Cars can be rented in Whitefish for the day or week from Hertz and Budget. Many of our guests will rent a car for the day to tour Glacier Park or the Flathead Valley. If you rent from Hertz and tell them you are staying at the Bar W Guest Ranch, they will give you a 10% discount.

Horseback Riding

Yes each guest gets their own horse for the week for the majority of the horseback riding activities. However, if a guest is not satisfied with their horse feel free to ask our head wrangler for additional instruction or possibly switching to another horse.

We might switch your horse for a particular horseback riding activity because we have some horses that are better than others when it comes to working cattle and rodeo activities.

You do not need any experience. We have guests who have never ridden, guests who are advanced riders, and everything in between. We match the horse for each guest based experience level, ability, height, and weight.

If you are a beginner or have not ridden in a few years you might like to take a few lessons at home before coming to the Ranch.

Each guest receives a complimentary water bottle upon arrival which can be tied on the saddle or put in a saddle bag. It is very important to stay hydrated on the trails especially during the summer months.

Food & Beverage

The Ranch does not sell or serve any alcohol. Alcohol is permitted on property and guests are welcome to bring their own. Ask our staff about arranging a ride to town if you need to make a trip to the liquor or grocery store.

Yes, please just let us know, and our cooks are happy to accommodate special needs.


Yes we do have single occupancy rates. With a family like atmosphere, single travelers will not feel alone once at the Ranch.

Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings or on the trails. However, smoking is permitted on the designated smoking areas.

There is free Wi-Fi available in the main lodge and office lobby, as well as from guest accommodations. If you need to use a computer to print boarding passes, please ask the office.

Yes, there is cell service at the Ranch for most carriers. AT&T and Verizon are the main carriers in Northwest Montana and should have great service around the Ranch.


Guests have told us numerous times that they thought a ranch vacation was out of their comfort zone but, with all of the other activities in the area that they would give it a try. Well, every one of them said it was the best vacation they have ever had. People come from all over the world to enjoy the western experience. You could be sitting at dinner with a couple from Ireland, a person from France, another couple from New Zealand, a family from Florida, a movie producer from California, and all of the staff – it is really cool! With so many different activities at the Bar W there is always something for every age level and physical ability. We invite you to step off the beaten path while making memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Spring: Early spring, the end of March through the middle of May, the temperatures will get up to 50-60 degrees in the daytime, and down to 30-40 degrees at night. Late spring, early summer, mid-May through the end of June days are about 60-70 degrees, and nights are 40-50 degrees.

Summer: Days from the beginning of July through the middle of September are a warm 70-90 degrees. During the summer, the nights cool off to a pleasant 55 degrees.

Fall: Days from the middle of September through October are usually high 50’s to low 60’s during the day, with nights in the 40-50 degree range. Temperatures cool off towards the end of October, early November.

Winter:  Average high temperatures for the months of December, January and February are around 30 degrees, with the average lows around 15 degrees. With all of the snow available, you’ll be grateful Whitefish Mountain Resort is only 20 minutes from the Ranch.

No. You might want cash if you go shopping in town, or participate in any off-ranch activities.

If you are coming from a foreign country, you will need your passport to enter the USA, but not while you are at the Ranch or in Montana.

We have a large variety of souvenirs available, including Bar W tee shirts, sweatshirts, baseball and cowboy hats, and some local sundries.

Completely! By the middle of the week, it will no longer seem like you came by yourself. Our guests and staff make lasting relationships at the Bar W Ranch.

Cattle Drive Week

The cattle drive is one of the most popular packages of the year. We encourage people to make their reservations early, so they get the accommodations they want.

No. The Ranch has sleeping bags, pillows, cots, and all the camping gear, although guests are welcome to bring their own.

The cattle drive is not nose-to-tail riding, and you are in control of your own horse. That being said we have had beginner riders who did very well. There are always wranglers nearby to give instruction and to make sure everyone is safe.

No. We have had guests bring a sun shower or baby wipes for personal hygiene.

There is an outhouse at the base camp for guests to use. On the prairie, there are no bathrooms until guests return to base camp.

Cowgirl Up Week

We start the week with an orientation ride which covers the basics including stopping, turning, and general safety. This is the same for everyone regardless of experience.

Throughout the week, we have rides ranging from one hour to all day. Some are scenic walking rides and others include some more advanced riding that includes trotting and loping.

Honey & hot cream hot rock foot massage and a signature full body massage.

Photography Week

The Bar W arranges a variety of actions, portrait, and landscape shots. Guests will have the opportunity to photograph running horses, cowboys  & cowgirls in full regalia, beautiful shots of Lake Swisher, scenery on the Canadian border ride, and wildlife from Triple D Farms including wolves, leopards, and more.  Please note, not all of these shots are guaranteed but guests will have a wide variety of photo shoots available.

Guests should expect some riding. However, not as much as a traditional summer package. Enjoy multiple 1-hour and 2-hour rides during the week as well as the all-day ride to the Canadian border. The week is focused on creating breathtaking photo shoots to capture the true beauty and excitement of Montana.

The Bar W has partnered with professional photographer Danny Nestor of Danny Nestor Photography to provide guests a workshop oriented experience and host our photography shoots each day. We recommend that guests bring their own camera equipment and know the basics of how to work their personal camera, as well as to use our professional  photographer as much as needed.

Adults Only Week

Adult Only week is similar to our traditional packages but include additional adult oriented activities.

Our minimum age for Adult Only Week is 18 years old. However, there are a few activities that require guests to be 21 years of age such as wine tasting night.

Our Adult Only week is a FANTASTIC week for singles! As a smaller ranch, we participate in activities as small groups and eat meals family style with other guests and staff. Once you arrive you will not feel alone, and will leave with new friends.